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March 22, 2010

Expectancy :: Do you Believe that God is on the Move?

The church is not a building. It is not about filling up seats and being consumers. We are called to embody the gospel and essentially be the church - the hands and feet, the temple of Jesus. With that said, there is something powerful when the body of Christ gathers together corporately as a large group in what we would call a "church service".

Tonight was one of those powerful nights. The last week was rough. This week is not gonna start off good either with a mid-term on the Qur'an that is taunting me. I was broken and worn down from life. Yet, as I drove to RH Fullerton, I came expecting that God would be on the move. I knew that what my soul and body needed was to gather together with the Saints. I did not know what God would do, but I was expectant that He would refresh and revive me tonight.

As the team was praying for the 7pm service, I was barely functioning. People could tell. It was bad, but the week had worn me down. By the time the 7pm had concluded, my countenance changed. Tiredness turned into energy; brokenness turned into hope; grief turned into joy. I was a changed man as I was able to let go of the flesh wounds of my week.

The expectant attitude, by the end of the night produced a brand new man. Once the 9pm was over, I realized that what I had experienced tonight was far more beneficial then sleep. It was far more relaxing and energizing then anything I could plan. What I realized, is that this expectant heart lead to the realization that even after a testing week I am ready to get back in the game and go run the race.

Where can you begin to be more expectant of God moving in your life? Where can you know that God is already moving? Where is it you need to God to transform and redeem in your life right now to allow you the agility and ability to run the race?

March 19, 2010

My Life as a Metaphor

As a writer and communicator I love analogies, metaphors, imagery and similes. They are a powerful means of expressing oneself or a concept one is trying to get across. It just so happens that because I am a sports fan they usually rely a lot around sports. Today is no exception.

The past week started off beautiful and full of hope, it was amazing. I was so stoked at what God revealed and showed me. But, like always, God is trying to make sure I know what it is going to cost to follow Him completely, take up my cross, live sacrificially and carry His name.

So here is how I would describe my past week: This week threw me nothing but knuckleballs. Catching them is quite difficult and tiring; it is better to just wait until they have stopped moving and pick them up.

Jesus is good. He is worth it all. Thankfully, He has blessed me with the ability to carry a big load and has used many circumstances in my life to refine me into a man who will bend but not break, who will get knocked down but not beat.